“Chime In” started to take form during a time when I was taking a course to better my own mind and spirit.  This course involved accomplishing things as a group and that community experience served to arouse an idea of creating music in a loving and supportive community setting.  I dreamed that not only could that be amazingly fun, but also a way to build lasting relationships within that group as well as a precious memory.  It might even change the way the participants looked at other aspects of their relationships in the various situations of their lives – their family, friends, workplace, and perhaps more broadly in regard to fellow humans around the globe. 
And so I developed this “Chime In” program with these things in mind:
• Empowering others to realize the musicality within themselves
• Serve to encourage Team Building
• Promote Diversity Appreciation
• Educate participants in the Art & Understanding of    
 music/song creation.
Now one might start to think that this is not something you could possibly do because you believe you have little or no musical knowledge, but I would encourage you to contemplate the following:
~Have you ever listened to music simply because you enjoy how it sets a tone and ambience for you, it is soothing and healing, it moves you to dance, tap your foot or drum the table.
~Do some rhythms and melodies resonate with you?  Almost coinciding with the beating of your heart? 
Since the natural rhythm of the beating of your heart is the first requirement for maintaining/sustaining life, after breathing, I suggest it is the first element of music. And in our heart of hearts, since music is a universal language, we long to express our inner muse!
“Chime In” is an opportunity to do just that. Music calls us to be in community with one another.  And so I am providing an opportunity to express your individuality with music, in the context and result of being in community – working with others to achieve a creative goal.
Now, I invite you to consider allowing me to make this idea a reality.  The kind of group settings could be any of the following:
• Schools and other educational venues
• Corporations
• Private Parties
• Places of worship
• Family Gatherings
This workshop will be led by me, a veteran musician (multi-instrument/ vocals) & songwriter, who will bring musical experience & technological expertise to take advantage of some of the many tools of musical creation - Computers, software, synthesizers, conventional instruments, and lots of fun percussion!
So what are you waiting for?  Find a date and contact me and let’s get this thing goin’!!!