My Story


My name is Joe Doyle and I was born and raised in the DC Metro area, but now live on top of a beautiful mountain in wild and wonderful West Virginia. With guitar, upright bass, 5-string electric bass, sax, keyboard, flute, mandolin, tin whistle, or banjo in hand my repertoire includes a wide range of musical styles.  I currently venture down the mountain and play for private parties, wineries, clubs, senior communities and other special events mainly in the Maryland/DC area where I lived for most of my career.

I picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and have not put it down since.  Music became my career focus and love, which I have shared with others in many different venues.  I have enjoyed performing on cruise ships, in nightclubs, at wineries, at private parties, senior communities, special occasions, weddings, sports events and more.  (Please visit my "Performances" page).

It may be of interest that along with going to various community colleges for music I also have a degree in Visual and Performing Arts from UMBC which I acquired in my later years.  This higher learning experience heightened my knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of the creative process and the integration of the various arts and how they influence and effect each other.

Having recently moved to West Virginia I am looking for places to share my music not only in the DC area but in Virginia and West Virginia as well.  Creating a music studio in our new mountain home has given me the opportunity to write and produce original music, which I am excited to launch this year. 
The songs I cover and my original music can be experienced by listening to the sample clips available on my site’s music page.  Leaving your email information on my fan list would be greatly appreciated and thank you for visiting my site!